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Best bubbles in Buckinghamshire

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mini parties

the BIG Bubble show

Or host your own party and have Anarainbow's Big Bubble Show at the start. Your  guests will gasp in wonder at this mindblowingly fun show. Tiny bubbles to huge bubbles will entrance both adults and children. Lasting 30-40 minutes and suitable for all ages. (Available within 15 miles of Great Missenden and outside the M25). £90






Science Bubble Party, One hour £190

Want your little one to be a professor? Bubble science targetted at your child's age group. Great if they wonder HOW THINGS WORK, or just to get a bit of learning without realising it. From age 3.


Short Bubble Party, One hour £190

A fabulous burst of fun for your child with one hour of lovely games, lots of bubbles and music. Great up to age 3... or for older children depending on your other plans.


Big Bubble Party, Two hours £220

Enjoy Anarainbow's most popular party. Lots of delightful games, magic, balloon modelling, plus The Big Bubble Show, at the end of which the birthday child and a few guests get a turn in the Big Bubble. Then a snack break in the middle (snack provided by you). For the second half choose a puppet show or a mini-disco, more party games, plus birthday presentation, photo opportunities and more.  


Whizzbang Bubble Party, Two hours £220

Similar to the Big Bubble Party, but every child (up to 30) gets to go in a Whizzbang Big Bubble. Any time left over is spent dancing to a mini disco and playing party games.


Have a look at a non-bubble party!!!





Best Birthday Party, Two Hours £190

Make your child the star of their brilliantly fun party; with your child the centre of their party, plus traditional party games, puppets, and a longer disco. You provide a snack in the middle, during which the entertainer will either do tatoos or a balloon creation for the birthday child (depending on the number of guests). Non stop fun to make it the perfect party for your child.


The Disco Disco Disco Party, £150/£180 (1 or 2 hrs)

For children who adore dancing... along with age appropriate dancing games, loads of proper disco lights, snow/smoke machine, prizes, limbo, and options for kareoke and haze. Children of all ages love this, from infant school discos to family parties.













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Bubble Parties

Non-bubble Parties